Fire trucks for sale

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When Dutch fire trucks are still in good shape after having been used, they regularly end up for sale. With a bit of care and maintenance, these fire trucks can often still be used, getting a second lease on life with companies all over the world. To purchase used fire trucks from the Netherlands and convert them for use in your own business, you need to start by finding a supplier. Preferably a supplier who is very well informed about the details and operation of such trucks! A natural fit would be partnering up with us at Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV, the local experts in the used truck trade for export to and import from the Netherlands.

Used fire trucks for sale at our dealership

Obtaining the specific equipment needed for firefighting can be prohibitively expensive. More reason, then, to peruse our options for buying fire trucks used. We regularly supply our used fire trucks with the original firefighting equipment included. Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV offers a wide variation of different fire trucks for sale, such as: Should you be looking for a specific truck or vehicle not listed above, please reach out to us. We will happily make inquiries on your behalf in our large, international network.

Trucks in all shapes and sizes, at affordable prices

If you wish to receive further information about the fire trucks currently for sale or want to sell your own used trucks to a reliable buyer, get in contact with Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV. You can reach us by calling our phone number +31 (0) 10 222 22 00.