Mercedes Benz 3535

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The Mercedes Benz 3535 has an 8x4 axle configuration, giving it good grip on slippery surfaces and hard to travel areas. It has a 16 speed, manual gearbox which means that it can be operated and maintained with great ease. This truck is very reliable and therefore the Mercedes Benz 3535 is very popular in all corners of the world. Which, conveniently, makes it easy to find parts for. Contact Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV for more information about this particular Mercedes Benz 3535.

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The Mercedes Benz 3535 is currently stored in at Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV in the Netherlands. Purchase this vehicle for your company abroad and we will take care of shipping. This includes all administration which is necessary at port authorities and customs clearances. We will also provide the truck with the correct number plate. If you have any questions or requests, please direct them at Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV customer service.

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The Mercedes Benz 3535 can be yours now! Place your order by calling customer service at +31 (0) 10 222 22 00. We’d be happy to assist you with any requests you might have, and can assure you that your new truck will reach its destination in perfect condition.