Renault truck for sale

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You’ll find a well-equipped Renault truck for sale at Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV. Our stock often sports several types of trucks which are used for hauling, dumping, or equipped with a crane. Renault trucks for sale at Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV can operate under difficult circumstances and are mechanically well maintained. Looking for something special? Contact Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV today and inquire about the possibilities with one of our experienced employees.

Renault truck for sale with various accessories

Every now and then we come across a beauty. A Renault truck that we can put up for sale with lots of useful accessories like air-conditioning, cruise control, and a central door locking system. Other features such as the Renault AE460, which has an aluminium fuel tank, are included as well. This makes the truck a lighter and better capable of climbing in rough terrain. If these features are what you’re looking for, contact Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV. As soon as we have a Renault truck for sale that has these features, we’ll give you a call!

Tell us what you need

Contact Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV and tell us what you’re looking for. We will actively search for the truck that meets your requirements. Call Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV by dialling the following phone number: +31 (0) 10 222 22 00.