Trucks for sale 10 000 and under

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Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV usually has several trucks for sale at very competitive prices of €10 000 and under. Trucks and other freight vehicles are bought and sold throughout Europe, Africa, South America and Asia so the stock of Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV is always changing. So, have you seen any trucks for sale under €10 000, and do you wish to make a purchase? Act now and contact Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV!

Special purpose trucks for sale at prices of €10 000 and under!

Special purpose trucks are always in high demand at Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV. There are several special purpose trucks for sale at prices of €10 000 and under, including:

Feel free to contact Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV if you are looking for a specific type of vehicle. Due to nearly 60 years of experience in the business, we have built quite an extensive network of reliable suppliers all over the world. We’d be happy to inquire about the vehicle you need.

Request assistance by calling Sprengelmeijer Trucks BV

If you need any assistance in making your purchase, or if you wish to further inquire about our current stock of vehicles, our professionals are happy to help. Contact us by calling the following number: +31 (0) 10 222 22 00.